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Powerhouse Women
in Business Workshops

We're cultivating a community infused with the kindest and brightest women on a mission to grow themselves and their impact.  

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Powerhouse Women sessions are transformative gatherings that cultivate a vibrant community, fostering lasting connections and supportive networks among participants. These sessions emphasize interactive and thoughtful collaboration, moving away from traditional lecture-based formats to encourage active participation and personal growth. Through a provocative and engaging approach, each meeting is designed to deliver fresh insights and foster profound behavioral transformations.

Join us in strategizing, solving, and supporting one another.

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October 24, 2024
at The Social Loft
in Glenview, IL

Monthly, in-person sessions designed for small groups. They are customized to each cohort to foster personalized growth while deepening your network. 

Powerhouse Women Cohorts

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Want to Bring Powerhouse Women in Business to Your Community?

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