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Make your offsite, onsite, workshop, strategic planning into a productive, honest, energizing, solving space for your leadership team by partnering with an expect. 

You don't need to pick between a facilitator, consultant or coach. Becky Thalmann embodies all 3 roles with a unique formula to leading quarterly sessions with your leadership team. Expect a custom built 3 hour experience for your leadership team every quarter to scale outcomes with built in accountability throughout the year. We can also customize a approach with your preferred cadence and time.


Expect to walk out with clear outcomes solutions and a plan to overcome challenges, complexity and overwhelm. Our transformational approach is based on research-based practices developed over 30 years and put to the test in over 10,000 hours of real-world application. We'll focus on business growth and develop your leadership team through skill practice/activation to maximize their potential. 

We are fanatical about custom solutions and systems with a compassionate-
but-no-BS-coach app
Complexity deserves more than a copy/paste partnership (and so does innovation). 

Lets accelerate the speed from where you are now to where you want to be.

We bring a variety of strategies and solutions beyond the standard open dialogue style of solvingWe guide your team through necessary conversations you might be avoiding. We'll tackle barriers and challenges together.


  • Organization Foundations: Work: Mission, vision and strategic plan

  • How we work: Roles, responsibilities and accountability

  • Human potential growth engine

  • Strategic planning big picture to tactical actions 

  • Culture: Who we are and we are not 

  • Outcome based meetings model

  • Decision Making Process: System


The investment is $25,000/quarter for a 12-month membership commitment.

*If your referral results in an annual membership commitment to any of our programs, you will receive a complimentary 1:1 session for yourself or someone on your team. 

The first step is to book a discovery call where we will:

  • Identify your goals and what you want to solve. 

  • Explore current barriers and themes that keep swirling around. 

  • Answer your questions about this program

Client Testimonials 

We're proud to share previous partnership commitments and outcomes to illustrate how

our approach is designed to match the diversity of our clients and their needs.

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