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Core Partnership


We guide executives in solving challenges and generating solutions that drive results. It's a blend of art and science, depth and breadth, and freedom with structure. Expect a mix of inner work (thoughts, beliefs, mental models) and outer work (plans, strategies, outputs).

Our transformational approach is based on research-based practices developed over 30 years and put to the test in over 10,000 hours of real-world application. 

Check out our client testimonials below for real life outcomes and results. 

We are fanatical about custom-building solutions and systems with a compassionate-but-no-BS-coach approach.

Complexity deserves more than a copy/paste partnership (and so does innovation). 

We create meaningful, connective experiences with each client. How and when we meet is agile and dynamic to ensure the most effective approach: It could look like meeting weekly for 30 minutes, bi-monthly for an hour, or deciding to do a sprint or workshop to solve something big or pressing. You will receive a written summary or slides to summarizes our conversation or output. 


The first step is to book a discovery call to: 

  • Identify your goals and the questions you're asking yourself.

  • Explore what you want to solve together. 

  • Answer your questions about this custom program. 

  • Discuss the best coach for you partner network of trusted, vetted, and fantastic coaches offering their services at various price points. 


Investment in yourself 

Core Partnership executive coaching starts at $2,500/month and partnering with Becky Thalmann is $5,000/month. The program is a 12-month commitment to yourself.

Client Testimonials 

We're proud to share previous partnership commitments and outcomes to illustrate how

our approach is designed to match the diversity of our clients and their needs.

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