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Modern Building

A Modern Ethos
for Leadership Offsites

We've upgraded the traditional offsite experience.

We focus on outcomes so all leaders walk out with real tangibles, meaningful takeaways, and cohesive clarity. We blend the art of coaching with the science of research-based strategies and structures. Our partnership will drive results. 

Traditional Offsite Methods
Offsite Client Brochure

Partnering with Vivica Partners on a modern offsite is for you if...

  • You identify as an innovator

  • You know in your bones that the status quo isn't cutting it

  • You have a vision but need the guidance and tools to get there

  • You can release control and trust an expert to drive outcomes

  • Your people are ready for something more meaningful

  • You feel a connection to our Partnership Commitments

What you can expect

Grounded in Outcomes + Artifacts
Staying focused on outcomes (v
ersus a static agenda) 
drives tangibles, takeaways, and cohesive clarity. 

Room to Breathe
Creating thoughtful opportunities to live in the moment allows meaningful conversations and connection, digging into dynamics, removing barriers, and addressing the limiting beliefs that keep you living in the endless status quo and getting the same returns.

Artful Engagement
Dynamic and energizing structures to inject vitality balanced with holding space for the hard conversations you've been avoiding as well as your unique company culture, vision, and voices.

360-Degree Support
We align on new processes and systems to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Who is going to do what, by when, and how?

Facilitated by a G.O.A.T.
Our robust career experience, certifications, training, and tools blended with our "it's not about me" philosophy means you're in good hands, but won't have to deal with any annoying horn-tooting. 

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