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Open Air Auditorium

Activists for How
Let's join forces to reinvent moments together.


Conversations create experiences and have the power to change us.

Becky Thalmann has a belief in talking with people - not at them.

She personalizes her experience, knowledge, and skills for each audience to create custom, memorable, and powerful experiences. Becky is a trained conversationalist, solver and experience designer.


If that sounds ordinary, you haven't witnessed whats possible yet.


Event Speaker

Speakers typically revolve heavily around on the WHAT.

What we should be doing more of.

What we should be doing less of.

What we should be doing.

Do what I did. 

We are thoughtful (okay, maybe a little obsessed) with HOW. 

HOW to implement the energy, mindset, habits, and changes to design and create with the life you envision for yourself.

We aim to be revolutionary supporters of real, freakin’ human beings, not promoting more cookie cutter human doings.

"It's not what you know, but what you do with it that matters."

Many people know what to do but not how to do it. That doesn't require topic matter experts spewing "what" content or even spending the bulk of session time on content. It requires expertise in what the audience must know then drive application and behavior change. Becky leverages her expertise in behavior change to catalyze action and amplify value for everyone.


Let's custom-build an empowering experience.

Becky will guide you to build clear, tangible outcomes to create topic recommendations and design. Becky’s energy and passion are palpable as she speaks on topics like mindset, what gets in your way, resilience to enable human performance, energy leadership, driving behavior change, and more.

Click to learn more about Becky's speaking street cred.

Available for in-person and virtual events globally. 

Connectivity at the Core
Becky Thalmann
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Podcast Guest

Becky is not your traditional podcast guest. 

Instead of showing up with a “talk at” spiel, she creates a refreshing, actionable and energizing conversation.

Let’s solve something live in real time.

It's much more interesting to experience it unfolding instead of looking in the rearview mirror. 

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