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Modern Building

 Modern strategies, systems and support to transform how leaders think, work and live.

VPX is a haven for leaders to be seen and heard. We overcome the noise, uncertainty, complexity, and overwhelm together.


Members are energized and empowered in live exchanges to solve challenges, make decisions, and maximize their potential. The VPX Vault offers responsive, expert-curated resources for members. Join a community of like-minded leaders!

Becky Thalmann

Founder, VPX 



We differ from millions of solutions out there that don't work. It's not you- it's their system.


Build leadership capabilities for self-leadership and leading others.

We don't focus simply on leadership of others and leave self-leadership to books and podcasts.


Create more coach-like leaders who power a more autonomous, thriving workforce.

We don't do cookie cutter leaders (or followers) that create unhappy and unsure workforces.


Solve your real- life challenges and outcomes. Everyone translates learning into personalized action. 


We don't treat learning as an outcome or avoid practice, application or feedback. 


Focus on inner work (mindsets, beliefs, and attitude) AND outer work (skills, actions, and results).

We don't solely focus on skills, tactics, or use fake situations/case studies.


Rely on science backed behavior change models led by experts and certified coaches.



We don't believe in relying on shit ton of content delivered along with "do what I did" mentality. 


Two-way, experiential conversations to exchange ideas, challenges and solutions.

We don't do one-way talk you approaches that pretend to be useful.


Challenge cultural norms by building new systems and structures that create change. 

We don't challenge you to conform to shitty norms and ways of working that don't actually work. 


Do the work in real-time together through a shared process and partnership. 


We don't send you off to figure out how to activate it by yourself.  

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