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Modern Building
Vivica Partners Exchange


Our modern approach is a unique blend of inner work (mindset and beliefs) and outer work (strategies and actions) to power your future. 

If you could do it on your own - you would've done it already. 


We cultivate cohorts of business leaders who know they are made for more and want to figure out what's next. You will overcome feeling lost in indecision, loneliness and overwhelm.


Expertly curated VPX cohorts of 6-12 people. You will decide what you really want (and how to get it) alongside people in similar stages of changing how to live and work.  
No should'ing here.


What you're going through doesn't need to feel messy and hard.​ Get you where you actually want to go... faster. We will escape the unproductive mind to filter advice, ideas, and challenges to make decisions.


Google Meet virtually (unless all members are in Chicago). But don't expect the status quo virtual meeting. Be ready for a dynamic, energizing, active session. 


Meet with your cohort for one hour bi-weekly (twice per month) for 3 months. Six live hours in total with asynchronous work in between that matches your desired time investment.


At 3 months, your cohort will explore the best model moving forward (continue, modify, meet informally ect.)


Customized decision making process anchored in a coach approach (not talk at/advice). Details below.


Invest $3,000 in an efficient process to drive your life and business outcomes.

*Refer a new client to earn 50% off 1 month.


​You bring the seeds of your ambition, challenges, and ideas. 

We'll bring the structure, systems and support to create a new career, business and life. ​




We masterfully custom build cohorts and solving spaces to maximize your value.

Modern gatherings shouldn’t feel forced or take themselves too seriously yet be productive. 




Our transformational approach is based on research-based practices for over 30 years.


You can trust it because it was tested in over 10,000 hours of real-world application.




You don't need to figure anything out before we start- our work is figuring it out...together.


The entire program design has built in structure and systems to that offers support with accountability. 

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