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Modern Moms is on a mission to revolutionize traditional notions of motherhood by infusing innovative ideas, effective methods, and empowering mindsets.

Welcome to our digital course and community of working moms who no longer want to settle for the status quo. 

Together, we'll build lives that inspires, nourishes, and fulfills us.


Millions of moms like you have gotten sucked into the whirlpool of overwhelm without ever seeming to get anything significant done. We’re here to free you from feeling drained, behind, and pulled in many directions. 

You’ll learn the mindsets, skills, systems and strategies that bring results.
You’ll connect the dots between every area of your life, explore yourself in an empowering way, and commit to yourself at the deepest level. 

Whether you’re brand new to motherhood or a veteran mom of multiples, Modern Moms will give you the strategies, straight talk, and transformational methods that to change your life.

Isn’t it time that we stopped doing things that don't work?

We create SPACE 



Stop the endless tug-of-war between societal expectations and your true desires. Learn to prioritize what matters and let go of what doesn't. 



Adopt an intentional, systematic process that emphasizes 'how' to approach and solve problems.



Connecting your goals to consistent action (votes for who you want to be), with built-in support. 



Break free from overthinking and overwhelm; carve out clarity and hope.



Carve out more time for what lights you up and reduce burnout around raising your children into capable, confident adults.

Want to pilot Modern Moms for free?

From October to November, we'll be piloting our course to a limited number of moms who will participate completely free in exchange for genuine feedback.

Thanks for submitting!

How does Modern Moms work?


Connected Course Community 

Lessons are released inside a private, members-only site. Videos, materials, and members are all connected through one platform.


Commonsense Course Support

Learning is self-guided when it makes sense and high-touch with live trainings or events to support you when you'll need it the most.


Comprehensive Course Tools

Done-for-you files, resources, and templates to capture and catapult your goals. Bonus masterclasses and advanced trainings are also available to members.

Who facilitates Modern Moms?

Becky Thalmann

Unlock unparalleled wisdom with Becky Thalmann, a life and business strategist with two decades of proven success. Beyond being a certified IPEC Core Energy Coach, she’s walked the walk – an ex-Googler who kicked cancer's ass, founded Vivica Partners, and rocks the mom-life with her two kids.

Modern Moms was created by Vivica Partners and is rooted in Core Energy Coaching, which means it is not just another course - it's grounded in over 30 years of research rooted in:
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Quantum physics

Adult and accelerated learning theories
Emotional intelligence
Leadership development
Theories of Conscious Evolution

(Source: IPEC)


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